BOSCH GAX 18V-30 Professional Charger

Truly a multi-talent: Dual bay, multi-voltage and USB all-in-one fast charger

  • Dual bay: Two charging bays: One for 10.8/12 volt and another one 14.4/18 volt
  • Additional USB charger integrated: Fast-charges your smartphone or tablet with 2.1 A charging current
  • Fast charger: Charges one battery after the other (sequential) with 3 A charging current
  • Wall mounting option: For convenient mounting
  • New 80 % Full HMI: Indicates when the fast charge mode is finished
  • Very compact


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Technical data

Interfaces USB port: 5 V, max. 2.1 A
Battery charging voltage 10.8 – 18  V
Charge current 3.0  A
Charg. time at bat. cap. 2.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 35/45  mins
Charg. time at bat. cap. 2.5 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 40/65  mins
Charg. time at bat. cap. 3.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 53/68  mins
Charg. time at bat. cap. 4.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 65/85  mins
Charg. time at bat. cap. 5.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 82/107  mins
Charg. time at bat. cap. 6.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 100/130  mins
Weight 800  g

BOSCH GAX 18V-30 Charger come with charger only with carton box

Additional information

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